Who is Kodie Conner?

Kodie Conner is a current professional Super Late Model driver from Kannapolis, North Carolina. Whom began his career in 2006 as a Quarter Midget racer at the age of four and a half. Kodie and his father, Shannon Conner, who used to race in New Jersey, came up with the idea of having his first race car painted like a Tiger. Together, they traveled all across the United States, competing in different races. In Kodie’s first season racing, he and his father participated in 26 races and won 4 of those races. Although his season went well, both Shannon and Kodie had to work together on being able to race on the weekends while going to school during the week.

In 2009, Kodie turned eight years old, this means that he was old enough to move up into the INEX Bandolero division as a Beginner Bandit. During his first season, he decided that it was time to learn about his race car. Kodie and his father worked hand and hand to make sure his Tiger #45 was all dialed in for race weekend. 

As Kodie grew older, he advanced into a full-size race car in 2013; racing with the Pro All-Stars Series (PASS) as a Pro Late Model driver. Kodie’s grandfather, Jerry Conner, used to race in New Jersey, began coming to every race. Kodie continued working on his own race car with his father, but started to work on his own social media as well. Handling school, race car maintenance, and social media was tough for Kodie, but with the help of his father and grandfather; they were able to win a total of nine races, and the PASS Pro Late Model Championship in the 2015 season.

The 2016 season brought many new experiences for Kodie and his crew. Team KCR moved into the Super Late Model division running with the Pro All-Stars Series. These cars are quite similar to the Pro Late Model class, but are far more advanced. Kodie was also accepted into the Rowan County Early College program. This program allows their students to complete high school while earning an associate’s degree in college. While school was a lot for Kodie, he was still involved in his race car and marketing. Kodie became the owner of Kodie Conner Racing after his grandfather passed away in 2017. So far in his Super Late Model Career, Kodie’s best career points finish of 2nd and national points of 4th place.

Driver Kodie Conner


What has Kodie done in a race car.

-2006 – Kodie Conner starts out in the quarter midget cars at  age 5.

Ran 26 races with 4 wins and 12 top-three finishes and numerous top-ten finishes

-2007 and 2008 Kodie competed in 101races, Won 48 races

Won a total of 5 championships in these combined years

-2009 Kodie moves up to the INEX Bandolero division

Won 13 races in the Beginner Bandit division at Concord Speedway

-2010 Kodie continues in the Bandolero division

Won 4 races in the Bandit division at Concord Speedway

Mid-Week Mayhem Champion

Finished 2nd in points at Concord Speedway

-2011 Won 2 Summer Shootout races at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Finished 3rd in Summer Shootout points

Won 9 races at Concord Speedway

Won his first attempt on the track at Hickory Motor Speedway

Won 29 races in 2012 including 8 in a row at Concord, Kodie was NC State Champion as well as the track champion at Rockingham, Concord, and Auburndale.

-2013- 4th place in points in the Pro All Star Series as a rookie.

-2014- 2 poles, 5 wins, 7 top 5 finishes and 10 top 10 finishes out of 10 starts in his late model with the PASS Pro All Star Series.

-2015- 2 poles, 4 wins, 6 top 5’s,  10 top 10’s and the Pro Late Model Championship.

-2016- 2nd in the PASS Super Late Model Points Standings,1 Pole and rookie of the year.  

-2017- 2nd in points,1 Pole, First race in a Modified, qualified in the top 10, finished top 10.

  • -2018- 3rd in points, 4th in national points, 1 pole.


It's all about excitement and heart!!!

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Double duty

Driving the KCR 45 Super Late Model and the SMRS David Hill 78 Modified.